Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Summer in Houston

We are living in Houston, TX this summer while Kevin sells security and home automation for Vivint.  It has been so much fun and we have met a lot of great people. I have made some of my very best friends and Aiden doesn't mind spending all day with a bunch of girls either ;) Kevin works every day from 12-9 and usually isn't home until 10:30 or 11.  He is doing well with the job and is getting quite a good farmers tan.  Luckily, we have had a lot of rain so the temperatures haven't been as high as usual.  We have really nice apartments with two pools and a gym.  We have done a lot of fun things with the other wives and I'm really going to be sad to go back home to Provo.  Aiden had his birthday this month and he is getting so big! He is walking, throwing balls, coloring, and talking on the phone.  We are so happy but miss our family lots :) Enjoy the pics.

Swimming one morning before work

Health Museum

We finally have teeth! Now there are 5

Aiden LOVES to talk on the phone

In the airplane Daddy went skydiving in

He also loves the shower

"Ball" is one of only two words that Aiden says, and he loves to carry Dad's basketball

Houston Zoo, Aiden loved the fishies

Galveston Beach, we took a day trip there one Saturday, it is about 1 hour from where we live.

Houston Temple, we did Initiatories with the girls and took turns watching Aiden so I could go too.

Opening his first present, he loves to draw and color

Helping Daddy husk the corn, when I tried to take them away he got really mad

Birthday party

Cupcakes I made

Aiden hated his cake! He was afraid of the fire on the candle and wouldn't eat anything.

Spoiled boy!

Aiden always climbs in the cupboards to play but also gets stuck

We went bowling with the girls

He loved playing with the balls and trying to lift them

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This one's for you Grandma! :)

One month!

In his outfit like Daddy's

Aiden's favorite place to sleep... Uh oh.

Always wearing his BYU gear on game days

His blessing day

Aiden and Mommy before his blessing

We went out for Morgan's birthday

Our smiley guy :)

2 months!

I told you he was big!!

Loves his Mommy :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Guess who spends at least an hour a day looking at other people's blogs, but almost NEVER updates her own?? This girl right here! It's a little frustrating to me, and yet I don't do anything about it. Maybe next week when finals are over and I have a "break" --minus having a baby-- I'll start to get in the habit. Why am I writing right now, you ask? Well I'm at work, in the deadest department of the deadest store in the deadest mall with nothing better to do. No, I don't think it's exactly part of following the rules to be blogging... but oh well. As for Baby Boy, he is just growing like a little weed. I really feel like I swallowed a watermellon seed that started to grow. I get rounder by the day and even some of my maternity jeans don't fit anymore! Not only is he growing, but moving like crazy. He started doing a royal beatdown on my insides the other day when I was in a meeting with the teachers I work with at the school preschool so I told them to watch and lo and behold he put on a show for them. They thought it was pretty weird but I love it. It is a relief to know he is healthy and having fun. Other than finishing up the semester we are just getting ready to move at the end of the month. I could not be more excited. Not only is it two bedrooms with new appliances but it's upstairs, has heat, AND a swamp cooler! I can't wait to start getting a room together for this baby of mine... but I have so much to do! Only 3 months and 10 days.... AHHH!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's A...

Perfectly healthy baby boy!

Mr. Karate Kid was so busy playing in there that we didn't get very good pictures but seeing him on the screen was definitely one of the best experiences I've had. The Tech said everything is measuring perfectly and our little guy is 15 oz. Everything looks healthy and that is such a relief!! Kevin and I were sure it was a girl so we were definitely surprised to see her label something as "boy proof" :) We are so excited though. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around though for sure. I was telling Kevin I wonder what a boy version of me will look like! I can't wait to get everything ready for my handsome little guy's arrival. I can't believe we're over halfway there... today is 21 weeks! It is amazing. Like I said, baby boy is definitely active. I feel him moving around quite a bit every day. About 10 to 11 o'clock at night is his play time and he gets so rambunctious his daddy can feel him too! I love feeling him move around, except when he uses my bladder as a trampoline... which is quite often. It is the oddest sensation to almost wet your pants when you don't feel like you even had to go! Life around here is definitely happy. We feel so lucky to have been given this amazing blessing.

Friday, February 25, 2011

First comes love...

... then comes marriage.
... then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

and an insane craving for one of these:

[actual item is more delicious than it appears]

That's right, Baby Labrum is scheduled to make its arrival on July 24, 2011 :) We find out if its a boy or girl in a week and a half... I'll let you know.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Important Things

To preface, yes, I know I should be on campus studying. And I will go, but allow me to indulge for a minute and tell you about some of the most important things in my life.

1. Kevin Labrum

Oddly enough... this picture describes him all-too-well. It is true, my husband is [absolutely] crazy... but I love it. He couldn't be more perfect for me. He brings me out of my shell, he is patient, he is forgiving, he makes me laugh till it hurts, he is romantic, he is dedicated and hard-working, and he tells me he loves me. Every single day.

"They called them crazy when they started out, they've been together 58 years now." - Love Like Crazy, Lee Brice

2. Jana Pendleton

What can I say? I have the BEST mom, ever. No contest. She's the one that's always there, no matter what. She is stronger than anyone I know. She is the more selfless than anyone I know. She is smarter than anyone I know. My mom is constantly giving and never takes enough time for herself. I only hope that someday I can be half the woman she is.

"I know you were on my side even when I was wrong. And I love you for giving me your eyes, for staying back and watching me shine." -The Best Day, Taylor Swift

3. Morgan Watson

I don't have words to adequately describe how I feel about this girl. She is incredible. I don't know a single other person that could do what she has done in the past three months with the same attitude. She is stronger than I am for sure. Morgan is courageous, unique, hilarious, admired, beautiful, and unstoppable. She's my hero.

"You don't have to feel like a wasted space. You're original, cannot be replaced. If you only knew what the future holds. After a hurricane comes a rainbow." -Firework, Katy Perry